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Monte Single

Hi Howard,

Holly just sent a message on this subject with a link and or phone number for something called accessible products; that may give you more real names and model numbers.



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Thank you Monte. That was the advice I was looking for a few months ago.

No. It doesn't have to be an HP; but it's the name I've heard the most about and had the most experience with. So, I'll think again about a laser; but I still have the same questions: Is there one that has real buttons and no touch screen,i.e. blind friendly? I do want color.

Obviously, I didn't order it today because I still don't know what I want. But the wife said to buy one now. So I'd better hurry up. I'll go through today's mail and see if I have any more ideas.



On 12/1/2020 6:29 PM, Monte Single wrote:
Hi Howard,

First thing, do not by another inkjet printer. If you have money to throw away, than an inkjet may be right for you.
Spend the extra hundred bucks and get a laser. You won't have to throw it away, Yes, the toner cartridge will cost more but the price per page will be way less than an inkjet.
Again, it will be cheaper if black and white will do instead of color.
Why does it have to be h p?
A lot of people use Brother or Canon and are happy with the product.

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Hi All,

Well, I'm gonna go ahead and byte the bullet. I've been told. Wondering again, if someone will recommend an all-in-one printer. I have had and thrown out four HP ink-jet printers and would really like to buy one that will last awhile. But, it'll probably be another HP. I'd like a "blind-friendly" one that has real buttons and not a touch screen. I'll probably order it from Amazon tomorrow. And then I'm gonna ask, anyone who will read my messages, how to extend its life.

Thank you again to anybody with suggestions.


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