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An old browser is one of the ways people's computers are attacked. Just because it opens web sites correctly and works with the contents correctly doesn't mean the browser is safe to use. Your version is perhaps a year and a half old. Browsers should be kept current, period, unless the current version has accessibility problems, in which case, a current version of a browser that is accessible should be used until such time as your browser of preference is properly accessible again.

I don't know if Chase won't let you use your version because it is too old to work with certain features of the site, or just on principle in terms of keeping users safe by trying to get them to upgrade. But not keeping a browser current is a risk.


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Trying to do financial stuff at the Chase Bank and it won't let me on
until I upgrade my browser (firefox). Looks like I'm using version 60.
It's working fine. If it works, why should I fix it? Is anyone using a
newer firefox successfully? I suppose if want to do Chase on-line, I'll
have to do it their way. My local bank does the same thing; except
there, it's the size of my screen.

I'd like to threaten them jerks. They shouldn't be able to tell you
what kind of equipment you should have.

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