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Terrilynne Pomeroy

So if there is some problem halfway through, you just delete and repeat?

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While I doubt I'll ever get a Blind Shell Phone because I can do almost
everything I want to do with far less expensive phones, one thing I wonder
about is the ability to edit text messages. My feature phone allows me to
write texts and read them, but I can't have anything spelled when reading,
neither can I have text announced if I want to move in a message I am
writing to edit it. I can have the message I'm writing read, but not by
line or by word, just the message as a whole.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Blindshell phone questions

Hi all,

I would like more information about using texting with the BlindShell phone.

So if you use this phone, I would like to know:

Can you reread a text you have written to make sure it says what you want it


Do you have problems reading some texts that you receive?

Can you set the phone up to receive news and similar notifications?

Thanks fo any info,


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