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Don't assume things when it comes to technology. Ask here if you don't know and don't want to try something. There are all sorts of things that may mean that a program has temporary accessibility problems or the program may have long standing accessibility problems.

Firefox was going through a major new upgrade at the time you had problems with it. The technology problems have been fixed for a good while. There is nothing wrong with using old versions of programs that don't make you vulnerable to attack. A browser isn't one of those programs. It constantly exposes you to the Internet.

Also, browsing with any browser that uses The Virtual PC Cursor or Browse Mode, whatever your screen-reader calls it, means that browsing will be just about identical in any such browser. There is no reason for you to be reluctant to use another browser. For using book marks and some other things, you will have to learn a little but browsing is browsing and I am not just expressing an opinion. It is a fact that whatever browser you use, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, browsing will be either identical or just about identical and you can enter the address of a web page and move through and work with the page just as you would in any of the other browsers I mentioned.

I'm going into this because you may well find, if you try another Chrome based browser, that you prefer it for general browsing. Firefox may work better on this or that page but by in large, Firefox doesn't work as well with screen-readers.

Whatever the case, whichever you prefer, you should have one current browser other than Firefox on your machine for the infrequent cases where a web page works better enough to matter with a different browser. This won't be difficult to work with since, as I said, browsing will be s similar that you can do so without any difficulty.


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Well, if you folks say so, I guess I'll give the newer firefox a try.
But I remember when I started using firefox, I think it was version 58.
I had an awful time trying to get any screen reader to read it. Now it
seems that I have to use the ESR version; but it works very well. So
does my 2007 jeep, my 2002 analog TV, my 1970s stereo. Oh well; I don't
think I'll have to be here that much longer.

On 12/3/2020 5:39 PM, Gene wrote:
I should add that I didn't emphasize the importance of keeping browsers up-to-date strongly to be personally critical. there may be others who don't update Firefox because they are worried about accessibility. If that is a concern, rather than not do it, it would be a good idea to ask here since, as I said, running an old browser is dangerous.


On 12/3/2020 3:12 PM, Gene via wrote:
there were some versions of Firefox that weren't accessible during a transition period perhaps two years ago but it has been accessible for over a year and a half.

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Trying to do financial stuff at the Chase Bank and it won't let me on
until I upgrade my browser (firefox). Looks like I'm using version 60.
It's working fine. If it works, why should I fix it? Is anyone using a
newer firefox successfully? I suppose if want to do Chase on-line, I'll
have to do it their way. My local bank does the same thing; except
there, it's the size of my screen.

I'd like to threaten them jerks. They shouldn't be able to tell you
what kind of equipment you should have.

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