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Howard Traxler

Of course, Gene.  I understand what you're saying and I agree with your reasoning.  And I do appreciate you (and others) lecturing.  I guess what I'm not expressing strongly enough is my plain stubbornness.  I just really have a problem with someone telling me that I MUST change and try something new.  Why, ... not more than a couple months ago, I threw out my last Windows 98 SE machine.  Of course, explorer 6 wasn't doing too well on that one.  And I am still using two machines with XP on them.

But I'll get over it; and I do appreciate your patience.


On 12/3/2020 9:03 PM, Gene wrote:
Here is an explanation so what I am saying will be understandable.

Regarding your old products, there is no comparison.  The issue with browsers is that you are constantly exposed to the Internet when you use them.  Browsers are kept up to date with constant very frequent updates because new vulnerabilities to attacks by malicious people or groups are found.  These attacks may allow hackers to get information such as passwords, or other important information or use your computer for purposes you aren't aware of.  The bank may not want you to use an old browser because it is easier for criminals to steal money from your account.  Banks will refund money that has been stolen if the user isn't negligent but since they will, its reasonable for banks to protect themselves from losses by requiring that current versions of browsers be used.

Your stereo, your jeep, etc. aren't digital devices that work with the Internet.  A program like Openbook or MP3 Direct Cut doesn't place you in contact with the Internet.  It doesn't matter if you run old versions of those programs if they run on your operating system.  Browsers are an entirely different matter.

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Well, if you folks say so, I guess I'll give the newer firefox a try.
But I remember when I started using firefox, I think it was version 58.
I had an awful time trying to get any screen reader to read it. Now it
seems that I have to use the ESR version; but it works very well. So
does my 2007 jeep, my 2002 analog TV, my 1970s stereo.  Oh well; I don't
think I'll have to be here that much longer.

On 12/3/2020 5:39 PM, Gene wrote:
I should add that I didn't emphasize the importance of keeping browsers up-to-date strongly to be personally critical.  there may be others who don't update Firefox because they are worried about accessibility.  If that is a concern, rather than not do it, it would be a good idea to ask here since, as I said, running an old browser is dangerous.


On 12/3/2020 3:12 PM, Gene via wrote:
there were some versions of Firefox that weren't accessible during a transition period perhaps two years ago but it has been accessible for over a year and a half.

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Trying to do financial stuff at the Chase Bank and it won't let me on
until I upgrade my browser (firefox).  Looks like I'm using version 60.
It's working fine.  If it works, why should I fix it? Is anyone using a
newer firefox successfully?  I suppose if want to do Chase on-line, I'll
have to do it their way.  My local bank does the same thing; except
there, it's the size of my screen.

I'd like to threaten them jerks.  They shouldn't be able to tell you
what kind of equipment you should have.

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