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I don't know what you mean by you saved it into a folder. Did you change the default location? To open book marks, use the sequence alt f, that is hold alt and press f to open the menu. If you don't hold alt, you may not be in the right place.
Then type the letter b to move you to book marks, and just typing b once will probably automatically open book marks. If not, press enter. It automatically opens bookmarks in my browser. If it does once, it will do so in general.

If you have problems finding the book mark, let us know. Try up or down arrowing and using first letter navigation.


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I will apologize in advance for incorrect terminology.

I found a website while browsing using chrome, I then did CTRL D, I saved it into a folder.

I’m assuming here using chrome, I just saved a favorite.

Now where do I go locate where it’s at when I’d like to revisit the site?

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