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Samuel Wilkins

Hello Gene, I've just turned off the tables and graphics option on NVDA when I go into outlook and it works. I just need to remember to turn it back on afterwards. Is there a way to have it turn off for that programme but not for others?

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Turn off announcement of tables in your screen-reader.

Someone can tell you how if you tell us which screen-reader you are using.

Also, as far as Firefox is concerned, I don't use it much but I had a problem where it wasn't seeing any new messages on the server. I was using an IMAP account. I rebooted, ran the program and it installed updates, then worked properly. You may be able to solve the problem by having it update itself if it isn't current. I have no idea if that will solve the problem.
I had the problem yesterday but as I said, I don't use the program much.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Reading Messages in Outlook

Hello all, I have recently changed to MS Outlook as Thunderbird is not
picking up my emails. I’m using NVDA, and when reading messages, NVDA keeps
thinking there are tables, but when I press the T key, it says there aren’t
any tables. Is there a way to resolve this, as it can be very difficult
reading messages like that. Thank you in advance.

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