Re: Audacity JAWS Scripts


Glad to help, I haven't used git hub that much so I thought it was
weird how it felt like I was just going round and round in circles. I
decided to explore the original page from top to bottom, then I
clicked on that first 2.2.1 release link and did another top down
exploration of the page. That's when I noticed that there was new info
at the bottom of the page. Now in reality, this may be some type of
pop up frame that logically sits next to the 2.2.1 release link, but
whatever it is, it's just cool that it is there and is downloadable.

Take care,

On 12/4/20, Joe Orozco <jsoro824@...> wrote:
Dang it. I never even thought to go looking for that file after the
page refresh. I didn’t know what the file was called though and am not
sure I would have known what to search for. I still hate GitHub, but
thank you. At least now I have a stronger likelihood of finding future

Much appreciated,


On 12/4/20, Blaster <blaster.nil8@...> wrote:
Hi Joe,

I followed the link you posted and was brought to a find a file on git
I typed in audacity and there was only one result, so I clicked on it,
here's the link:

If you jump by heading or use the find command you need to find the
word "release".
The very next link says:
Releases: 2.2.1

If you click on that the page refreshes and it's not obvious, but
there now is a download link at the bottom of the page named:


If you click on that it will download to your PC.


On 12/4/20, Joe Orozco <jsoro824@...> wrote:
Here you go:

On 12/4/20, Blaster <blaster.nil8@...> wrote:
Could you post a link to that page?

Take care,

On 12/4/20, Joe Orozco <jsoro824@...> wrote:
GitHub is a thorn in my life. I’m trying to download the latest
Audacity scripts, and I can’t seem to find just the installer file
amid all the tables of forks and branches. Can anyone please assist? I
need schooling in how to navigate this blasted repository for

Thanks in advance,


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