Re: Blindshell phone questions

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Terrilynne, pardon me for being behind the curtains! I'm thinking you have
a smart toy of some kind like many of us in this space.

For the Breaking News you're receiving from your local radio station, did
you have to install an app on your smart toy?

If YES in the affirmative, you'll need to know whether or not you can
install your own preferred apps on the Blindshell toy because if you can't,
you'd need to weigh your options carefully with regards to adopting it into
your smart toy family. For me, to receive news from the New York Times as
an example, I must install its app on any of my toys dedicated for such

A Push Notification, if enabled on a smart toy, simply alerts you when
there's something cooking with respect to an app that supports it. Example,
I have the Robinhood app installed on my toys; I'm monitoring a few stocks;
so, each day as the market closes, the app pushes to me a notification that
lets me know how well the stocks I'm monitoring did for that particular day.
Some E-mail apps support Push Notification and will work the same way.

Denver, Colorado

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