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Monte Single

Hi Laz,

Which book formats will the BSC read?



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It has a few more apps which benefit the blind user such as a color identifier, object tagging, music player, book reader, as well as a translator.

Stay safe,


On 12/5/20, Gene <> wrote:
Since the browser in my phone isn't accessible enough to use to any

it sounds as though the Shell phone does pretty much what my phone
does and

a certain amount more. I can't listen to radio stations, though I

spend extra money for a phone just for that. I do value the FM radio
my phone makes available and I know the Blind Shell Phone also has one.

I might spend a certain amount extra for that feature.

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Yes, the phone definitely has a youtube app as well as the ability to
listen to internet radio stations.

On 2020-12-05 6:52 p.m., Gene wrote:
That's interesting. I wonder what system it uses for operation with
speech. it would be interesting if any of the well recognized

can do this. As I think about it, I suspect they can and that the
limitation I spoke of is likely on my phone, not of the assistant.
If an

assistant is used in The Shell Phone, it should be able to do all
sorts of


I wonder if the phone has a built-in Youtube app, allowing you to
listen to music and other content on Youtube.


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Yes, or by contact name if the person is in your contacts.


On 12/5/20, Gerald Levy via


Does the BlindShell have the ability to dial phone numbers by digit
using voice commands?


On 12/5/2020 5:11 PM, Laz wrote:
Monte, You left out the ability to dictate email messages.


On 12/5/20, Monte Single <> wrote:
Hi List,

The Blind Shell Classic is an interesting animal.
It has a combination of features that I like; First, it has keys
you can feel. Smart phone don't, there may be an exception.
Second, you can dictate text messages to the Blind Shell Classic.
So-called "feature" phones do have buttons, but you cannot dictate
text messages.
So, personally, I am living with a second-hand I phone 7 to which
I can dictate text messages, but it has no buttons.
When it comes to entering info, passwords, codes, card numbers,
etc, on a smart phone, I'm a clutz.

I would buy a Blind Shell Classic, but right now, it's just a bit
given the difference between the value of the Canadian and US
Personally I don't care that the Blind Shell Classic does not have
a browser.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Cheers, and live safely,

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Oh yes, I did hear that the Shell does not have a browser.

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Hi Olusegun,

I think that user installed apps is not a feature of the blind
shell classic; the blind shell classic does not have a browser.

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Terrilynne, pardon me for being behind the curtains! I'm thinking
you have a smart toy of some kind like many of us in this space.

For the Breaking News you're receiving from your local radio
station, did you have to install an app on your smart toy?

If YES in the affirmative, you'll need to know whether or not you
can install your own preferred apps on the Blindshell toy because
if you can't, you'd need to weigh your options carefully with
regards to adopting it into your smart toy family. For me, to
receive news from the New York Times as an example, I must install
its app on any of my toys dedicated for such business.

A Push Notification, if enabled on a smart toy, simply alerts you
when there's something cooking with respect to an app that supports it.
I have the Robinhood app installed on my toys; I'm monitoring a
few stocks; so, each day as the market closes, the app pushes to
me a notification that lets me know how well the stocks I'm
monitoring did for that particular day.
Some E-mail apps support Push Notification and will work the same way.

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