Re: regarding the blind tech guys podcast.


i forgot to add.
i forgot to add, i may start a podcast with my friend.
that time i will promote it.
if the moderator doesnt want me promoting it please message me offline.
this podcast will only be for people who are android users, who want
to migrate from iphone or any other platform to android and even
others can listen to it.
we have started telegram group for it and if you like you can join the group.

hope to see you on the group and for the podcast.

On 12/7/20, Austin Pinto via
<austinpinto.xaviers@...> wrote:
hi all.
this is my last post on this topic.
i just want to let you know that i am no longer associated with the podcast
so if you have any questions or comments regarding it you can contact
the owners directly.
last sunday and the day the podcast was released i got emails
regarding the strap interview telling me it was good.
and i replied by saying i had nothing to do with calling the guest to
the podcast.
thanks for reading and sorry for spamming.

search for me on facebook, google+, orkut..
follow me on twitter.
contact me on skype.

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