Re: Blindshell phone questions

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Colonel Monte, gracious thanks for letting me know that the Blindshell toy
DOES NOT have a browser. Back in the Sybian days, I was able to install a
few apps on my Nokia N86, example, I did install Skype on it and was able to
use it. I take delight in playing with various apps for accessibility and
usability, I'd be lost without the ability to instll apps on my chosen toy
in this new era. I wonder why the developers of the Blindshell think that
the blind DO NOT NEED a toy with a broswer! Even extremely cheap toys in
Androidville do come with browsers, and they also allow one to install any
other browser of one's choice! Is this happening because they are made for
use by individuals with pairs of eyes? If YES, I need to go find six pairs
of eyes to borrow permanently.

I do agree with Chief Gene's comments regarding the price of the Blindshell
and its capabilities. I can't justify spending $350-$400 on a toy that
severely limits and/or cripples me when it comes to choosing what I want to
be able to accomplish with my toy. That said, I do need to SCRATCH MY HEAD
just to see if it would remember who GAVE ME THE AUTHORITY to MAKE CHOICES
for the blind when it comes to smart toys deployment? I suppose that any
blind person who wants the limitations set by adaptive/assistive technology
toys need not worry about teaming up with others who wave a red flag at such

As an example in my case, I thought I would PLAY BALL AGAIN with an iPhone;
I was eyeing the SE2020 because it is AT A PRICE POINT In can live with.
Then I looked at its battery power and discovered that it is less than
2,000MAH at the minimum. Really? In Androidville, several $400 toys have
somewhere between 3,500MAH-5,000MAH batteries that pretty last for eternity
powering them. Since I SQUEEZE BLOOD out of my smart toys, I can't leave
with a smart toy whose battery could run out before I make it from my
hideout to the nearest bus stop to get on the bus and thus jumpstart my day.
Yes, I've been told a thing or two about the iPhone's battery management and
why it's better than what is the case in Androidville; but, after weighing
my options, I'm not convinced. So, playing with an iPhone for me will
remain an unsatisfied dream until something else changes somewhere down the

Denver, Colorado

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