Re: advice needed on a speaker for my pc

Loy <loyrg2845@...>

I have speakers from Creative Labs. Creative Pebble V2 computer speakers.
They are excellent with nice sound. They don't have base or treble
adjustments. They cost around $30. They are round almost like a ball with a
flat front. They are USB powered. There is another version for about $20 but
have no experience with them. .

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I have a laptop that I love...except for its speakers.

I am currently using an Anker speaker but it is heavy sounding when I
use Jaws and do any other reading on my pc.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a speaker that is not too large
and is very good with language?..and/or one that has the ability for me
to lower the Bass and up the Treble?

Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.


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