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Nancy Hill

You have a very good point.  I realized that I had not specified what type speaker I was looking for after I had sent the message.

I am usually in my 'computer' room by myself and for that I would want an external speaker.  I just want to hear the words plainly.

When we travel I have used some Bose ear buds which have been good at meeting my needs and not bothering my husband while he might be watching TV.  I do not want to use ear phones or buds while at home.

So, I am looking for small speaker/s perhaps mini ones.  I do not want a sound bar because my laptop is small unless it would be reasonably priced and very light weight.  Mono would be all right, I guess, because if I wanted stereo I have a choice of ear phones or ear buds I already have.

Thanks for helping me fill out what I hope to find.


On 12/7/2020 1:57 AM, Gene wrote:
I'm not asking this to be ;picky, but do you want one speaker for monaural listening, such as to a screen-reader, or a set of stereo speakers?  Also, I find headphones allow me to listen at fast speeds more easily and comfortably and to be able to listen faster missing fewer words.

Have you considered headphones at least for listening to a screen-reader? I'll also add that I don't know if my comments on screen-readers and speed listening apply to all voices.  I'm discussing screen-readers such as Eloquence and DecTalk but I don't like the newer voices and others can discuss them.

These days, light, comfortable headphones that can be used for hours are easily found.  it is also very much cheaper to get good sound for much less money using headphones.

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I have a laptop that I love...except for its speakers.

I am currently using an Anker speaker but it is heavy sounding when I
use Jaws and do any other reading on my pc.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a speaker that is not too large
and is very good with language?..and/or one that has the ability for me
to lower the Bass and up the Treble?

Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.


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