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I'll add that I see from a later post you made that you usually only write to one person. In that case, either add the address and press tab or enter. Either one tells the program that you have added an address and you will be in the to line. At first, when there is nothing there, you are just in an edit field. That is also the to line but there are no addresses so its just an edit field. When you add an address, the to line changes. You aren't placed in a new field, you are still in the to line, but since an address is now in the to line, the line changes and you hear what you hear as to instructions and you now can left arrow to get to the address if you want to edit or delete it. Sometimes, a field will change in some way when you place information in it if it is empty previously. That is what is happening here.


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If it helps you understand it, this isn't a mysterious field that is there
for some reason. You are really working with the to line. When you first
type an address and either tab or press enter, you are placed in the field.
You may hear an announcement such as one, left arrow to select. You are
still in an edit field where you can type another address, use autocomplete,
etc. Add as many addresses as you want. Use autocomplete or type an
address, then press enter. Continue until you have added all you want. In
other words, for consistency, add the first address and press enter. You
can press tab, but it isn't consistent with what you would tend to do and
its easier to understanbd what you are doing.
Add first address and press enter. Adde second address, and press enter.
Add as many as you like.
At any time after you first press enter, move to the left from the edit
field you are in and continue left to hear and move to the addresses you
have added.
If you want to add more, right arrow past the first address you addded. You
will probably hear edit. That is where you add addresses so do exactly as
you did before to add addresses.

Tab to the subject line when you are finished and want to add a subject.
You can be in the edit field or on any address and tab, it doesn't matter.

In short, you are working with a variation on the to line.

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That's exactly what the field says. I just forgot until you said it.
It would have to show up for me to be able to tell you but I know that's
what it says. So basically, I can do everything I'm doing without using
that field? Is that right? I wouldn't even know what to do with it
when I was there because I already put the address in and I wouldn't
need to do it again there. It just seems pointless to add it.


On 12/7/2020 4:23 AM, Gene wrote:
I don't use JAWS. I don't hear control w with NVDA. As far as the extra field, you are evidently seeing a field that shows after you type an address and tab once. If JAWS doesn't read what is said in that field, it is a problem with JAWS. The field says something like one address, left arrow to select. The field is there because you haven't actually placed the address in the field until you tab once. You are now in the field with the address and you can work with it there. When you tab again, you are in the subject line. This won't change. It's just a different way of presenting the to line and having it function slightly differently.than previously.

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Hi Group:

Since I have updated to the new Thunderbird 78.5, it has changed a
little for me. When I go to send an email, there is an extra box before
the subject. I forgot what it says but I just tab to subject and then
it seems to be fine. Is there any way to get rid of this? I have also
noticed when I hit F7 to spell check, when it lands on a word that isn't
spelled right, it will tell me and then it will say control W when I tab
and it never did before. It seems to have these added things that
aren't necessary. Do any of you know if there will be another update to
correct this or are we going to just have to deal with it? Thanks in
advance for any help on this matter. I'm currently using the newest
Jaws which is Jaws 2021.


On 12/5/2020 11:14 AM, David Mehler wrote:

I just did a Thunderbird upgrade. I'm running v78.5.1 with NVDA
v2020.3. It seems as if this new Thunderbird overwrote my previous
configuration, my accounts are still there but it seems to be bringing
up a lot of extra boxes, adverts, web pages, etc. I was wondering if
anyone had a thunderbird taming setup?



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