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I would second this. just about all the machines that I have come across, that do this in house as it were, tend to be of rather poor quality, especially when it comes to the tape deck. if the tapes are all of perfect quality, you can just about get away with it, but in general, such machines are designed to be cheep and cheerful, rather than of decent quality.


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There are such machines but I'd be suspicious of the quality of a lot of them. I wonder, for example, how many allow you to use Dolby in the transfer. I'm not saying you can't get a machine that will do this well or reasonably well, but if the situation is similar to that regarding turntables that are used for this, be careful and look for a good machine.

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Hay has anyone had any success of taking old tape cassettes and transferring the media to mp3 format? I saw a cassette player that had mp3 as well off amazon. It claimed you can put your old media directly to mp3 format with this player. So thought to ask the list, is it this simple or is there something else one needs to do. I am trying to empty my mom’s cassette box. Cheers Heather

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