Re: Refresher needed on how to switch between browsers

David Moore <jesusloves1966@...>

You can open both browsers at the same time . You can press enter on edge from your desktop, and then press windows and m to go back to the desktop, and press enter on firefox. Now, you can simply alt tab between the two opened browsers. You can have different browser sessions opened for each browser. If you get mixed up which browser you are in, just press insert and t to hear the title of the window and it will say Firefox or edge. Make sure an icon for each browser is on your desktop. You could also create a shortcut to open each browser like alt control and f for firefox, and ALT control m for Microsoft edge. To do that, go to the icon on your desktop and press Alt plus enter. Then, just tab to the shortcut key edit box, and press the key command alt control + m4 example for edge. Then you simply could press that command to open either browser. Take care, hope that helps. I will oh thanks for doing that

On Wed, Dec 9, 2020, 7:26 PM Nancy Hill <girlyscream@...> wrote:
Since I have left IE behind, I now have FireFox and MSEdge on my Win10 PC.

There are definitely times when I would appreciate knowing how to
quickly switch from one to another and back.

Instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,


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