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Ok, I used the link you provided, and I press control plus f to use Jaws's find command, but jaws doesn't say anything at all when I arrow down. I tabbed, but still couldn't find any download link. I also went through the page, and I saw a download link, and I pressed enter on it, but nothing downloaded. I even tried using the Jaws cursor, but still couldn't find the real download link.
Any other suggestions?

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I don't know what you are working with but you are in the wrong place. I
strongly recommend using Firefox portable and I'll provide the page from
which to download it. It does everything the installed version does and has
the following very significant advantages:
Once you have it set up, you can make a backup copy. Then, if the copy you
are using becomes corrupted, you don't have to trouble shoot. Just delete
it and copy the backup copy to the location from which you run it.

If you want to place it on another machine, you can copy it there and have
all your book marks and history. Just copy either the backup copy, if it is
current, or the one you use to the new location.

Regarding the backup copy, from time to time delete it and copy the one you
use to where you keep the backup. That way, bookmarks history, and any
changes you may have made will be current.

Here is the page:

Use your screen-readers find command and search for the word download.
After about three occurrences, you wwill see something like download version
and a number will be given, as you down arrow. That is the download link
you want.

It will download an exe file. the file won't install anything, it’s a
portable version, but it will place the files on your machine in a folder,
just as an installer does. Run the program from that folder and you can
send the file, firefox.exe you use to run it to the desktop as a shortcut
and run it from there. You can create a shortcut command as well using the
desktop shortcut. In other words, by making a desktop shortcut and then
assigning a shortcut command, you can run the program as easily and
conveniently as if it were installed.

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Hi Everyone,
I am currently trying to download FireFox on my Windows 7 machine. What I
don't understand is why or maybe what password is FireFox asking me for? I
did fill in my email address, but now it wants a password, so I'm not sure
which password it is asking me for. Although, I did get a message saying
if I want a FireFox account, I will need to provide my email address and
password. Can I just bypasse this option?

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Peace Be With You.

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