Fault with brand new external drive

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  I have just recently purchased from Amazon 2 WD 28tb external drives.  I have loaded files on to one but the second drive appears to have a problem.  I have spoken to Amazon and I will be returning the drive this coming week and they have sent a replacement which I received this afternoon and so far appears to be working normally.

The purpose of this post is to discover if it was possible for me to have rectified the problem and avoid returning the item.


I started yesterday transferring 14.7tb on to this new drive but at random times an error would occur, I've been told that when that happens an orange light flashes on the drive whereas a constant white light shows when it is working normally.  When the error occurs I get the message that the requested action can't be completed because of an I/O error and if I want help with the problem the error code is 0x8007045d.


My computer knowledge is very limited but I did do a Google search but the main results were that fixing this shouldn't be attempted unless you know what you are doing, and I don't.  I also found an option to download a tool to fix an I/O error.  In the end I decided the best thing was to return it to Amazon.


When I got the error I couldn't get access to the drive, I was told the location wasn't available.  If I turned the drive off then back on or restarted the computer then I could get access, until the error re-occurred.  So, is returning the item the best thing or could I have repaired this issue myself?  By the way, I connected the drive to two different computers with the same result.  I'm just curious as to how one goes about sorting out this kind of issue.  Walter.

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