Re: Fault with brand new external drive

Walter Ramage

Hi. I have always been pleased with Amazon customer service and this case
is no different. I spoke to an agent yesterday afternoon and I recieved a
new replacement drive this afternoon, that is less than 24 hours and the
replacement drive has been sent without charge. They sent me a QR code for
the return item and I have until the 1st of February in which to return it.
Normally a company will wait until the faulty item has been returned before
issuing a refund or replacement but in this case it was replaced without
question. I'm going to keep an eye out just in case they issue a refund to
my cc. I do appreciate their trust because these drives are not cheap.
Interestingly the new replacement drive has been working since 4:40pm my
time, it is now 7:40pm and it is still working without trouble so far, long
may that last. Walter.

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Chief Walter, if I were in your shoes right now, no doubt I've been there
more than a time or two, I shall most certainly return the drive for
replacement just as you've done. I won't attempt rectifying any problems
associated with the drive especially since it's brand-new and still under
warranty. I don't know how returns are treated in Britain; here in the
United States, unless otherwise stated, we have at least 30 days to return a
product whether defective or not for a full refund. Some sellers DO LIMIT
returns to 15 days and such; this is NOT A COMMON THING with
which graciously picks up the item(s) I've had to return with no questions
asked. Heck, even provides the RETURN LABEL and the driver snaps
it on during pick up.

This is why I enjoy doing business with, although it is slowly
becoming another monopoly.

Denver, Colorado

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