where are my default browsers?

Nancy Hill

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

I followed some very good instructions on how to get to see my browsers listed in my win10 jaws21 laptop.  When I got to where to choose my default browser, there is nothing showing.  I am currently using FireFox but I want to add in msEdge.  Neither one of those or any other browser is listed.

Where did my browsers go and how can I get them back?

Below is what I used to look for them...and it has definitely worked in the past.

Please, please help!


How to change default browser
1 press windows+i

2 tab once, arrow to apps and press spacebar

3 tab once, arrow down to Default apps and press spacebar

4 tab to Browser and press spacebar

5 tab  on the browser of your choice and press spacebar.

    that's it, you're done.

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