Re: nylon cane holsters?


I've never heard of a cane holster. Why are they used? If it’s a folding cane, the elastic band at the top of the cane can be looped around it to keep it folded. I assume that is what is being discussed, something you keep a folding cane in but why?


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Subject: [TechTalk] nylon cane holsters?

Hi, my family and I just opened our christmas gifts and I recieved a maxi aid white cane and a leather cane holster.

I have had a similar leather cane holster from maxi aides in the past and it ended up rotting on me (we live in a hot and humid climate).

I also used a nylon cane holster after that which lasted me about 13 years. this one is tearing apart and I am now on the hunt for a new nylon cane holster/bag.

My wife's mom said that maxi aides only carried the one leahter holster and no nylon holsters and my wife did a google search and the first thing that popped up when she typed "mylon mobility cane holster" said it was "denim". No other results came up in the google search results.

Am I going to have to disassemble a foldable camp chair with a nylon seat and back and make my own now?

Just wondering on your experiences finding the items for your mobility and carrying needs.



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