Re: nvda with eloquence

Josh Kennedy

even if the 20 or so year old IBM software were modified, I don't think that a quart is really going to care if a handful of blind people are using some 20-year-old software which has been slightly modified to work with modern computer systems. they would probably just laugh at you, throw the case out, and not care. if I were a judge on a court, that's what I would do. Now if this were sighted people pirating some kind of major piece of software then it would be a different story. for example if if vocalizer were pirated by a bunch of people who could see or some other modern currently sold speech software then yes that would be a big deal. A handful of blind people modifying and using some 20-year-old or 23 or 24-year-old piece of speech software I really don't think a quart is going to care. yes using eloquence illegally is illegal because code factory currently sells it. But IBM via voice, I think that may be a different matter because it is considered a separate product. For example, you can easily get a hold of homepage reader from the Internet archive and get a hold of IBM via voice. Even though homepage reader would be a demo, via voice is not a demo. There are also other places where you can get IBM via voice speech software from 1998 or 1999 or so. I am pretty sure that IBM via voice is considered or was considered a separate product from eloquence. JAWS  uses eloquence, it does not use via voice.

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