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As a practicalmatter, I don't think IBM would care or take action. But to protect the list, it’s a good idea not to allow such sharing where sharing it for free is questionable.

When I see this done on the lists I follow, and its very rare, it appears to usually result from ignorance of the prohibition or the belief of the member that the software is legal to share for free.

So, on this list, my policy as owner is to remove such messages from the archives and send a message to the list when this occurs but I see no reason to take further actions as long as such occurrences are very infrequent and I have no reason to believe the person sending the message acted intentionally incorrectly.


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even if the 20 or so year old IBM software were modified, I don't think that a quart is really going to care if a handful of blind people are using some 20-year-old software which has been slightly modified to work with modern computer systems. they would probably just laugh at you, throw the case out, and not care. if I were a judge on a court, that's what I would do. Now if this were sighted people pirating some kind of major piece of software then it would be a different story. for example if if vocalizer were pirated by a bunch of people who could see or some other modern currently sold speech software then yes that would be a big deal. A handful of blind people modifying and using some 20-year-old or 23 or 24-year-old piece of speech software I really don't think a quart is going to care. yes using eloquence illegally is illegal because code factory currently sells it. But IBM via voice, I think that may be a different matter because it is considered a separate product. For example, you can easily get a hold of homepage reader from the Internet archive and get a hold of IBM via voice. Even though homepage reader would be a demo, via voice is not a demo. There are also other places where you can get IBM via voice speech software from 1998 or 1999 or so. I am pretty sure that IBM via voice is considered or was considered a separate product from eloquence. JAWS uses eloquence, it does not use via voice.

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