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Hello Jan,

Yes, if someone sent you a file from 2019 MS Word, jarte would not read the file.

Now if you save a file from jarte, MS Word 2019 could probably read it as it has the ability to read files formatted in earlier file formats.

I still have MS Word, because last year, I was sending out Resumes' and I needed to send it in a form easily read by HR people.

Before I owned MS Word, I would send my Resume' in the RTF format, and I never had anyone complain about it, as it is easily read by MS Word as well.

But, when looking for work, you can never tell what small little thing will bug some HR person enough they Round File your application.

Grumpy Dave

On 12/22/2020 6:08 PM, Janet wrote:
Wow, I haven't even thought of HJ Pad in many years. You just gave me a thought. Dave, are you saying if someone sends me a MS word file, I wouldn't be able to read it or save it, if I don't have word installed on my Laptop?


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thanks for the info. I often use HJ Pad which is also very easy to use but
no password protection there either.
I keep a journal which is private and I am the only one with the password.

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The Spell Checker is very easy to use. As for your question about
Passwords, I do not have an answer for that as I never use protected
files. Perhaps someone else can answer that question.

The lay out of Jarte is like the old pull down menus from the Office
2003 and before. Very simple to use.

the only thing I don't care for is its inability to save in a modern
file format such as Word 2019, 2016, 2013 etc.

I think it will let you save in 2007 format, but I might be wrong. I
always save in an RTF format, which works for what I do, but it may not
work if you are trading files with co-workers using a new edition of MS

Grumpy Dave

On 12/22/2020 8:45 AM, Marie wrote:
Does Jart allow you to assign a password to a document and how well
does the spell checker work? These are two features I use constantly.
Thanks, Marie

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Is it a free install of word that comes with youlaptop or a trial
version that expires in 30 days?

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Hi Dave,
I can't stand all those Bells and Whistles that usually come with MS
either, although, free MS does come with the Laptop I just bought, but
I'm hopeing I don't have to use that!

Thank you so much.

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I have MS Word 2019, or what ever the latest version is today.
However, I hate using it.

I just don't need all those Bells and Whistles that has bloated up MS
Word over the years.

I use a small Word Processor called Jarte. It is very simple and
works well with my Screen Readers.

If you are interested, you can find it at

It is Free unless you wanted a slightly more feature filled version
which will cost you $29.

The only thing I see as a negitive is that this Word Processor does
not Save files in MS Words newest format. Which doesn't matter to me,
but it might to you.

Grumpy Dave

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