Urgent help needed/VIP 3000 Thermostat

Norma A. Boge

Hello group,

We had a new gas furnace and air conditioning unit installed today. The
installer also hooked up my brand new VIP 3000. My husband let the
installers leave because he thought he could program it. Anyway, it's not
When the batteries are first installed, the display shows an inaccurate
indoor temperature. Then a second later it shows E R for error. The display
changes back and forth with these two signals until the batteries are
Hitting reset does nothing. Removing and replacing batteries and installing
fresh batteries does not help.
Additionally, the LCD display is not sharp, like the unit is not receiving
sufficient power.
I will continue Googling for more info. But if anyone has suggestions in the
meantime, please shout out. If you'd like, write to amron728@gmail.com and
I'll give you my phone number. We are manually turning the furnace on when
we need heat, but it could be a long night because it's 14 F right now with
an expected low of 7.


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