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If you read the app store description of the app & view the pricing of the app, you would have noticed that both the yearly & lifetime price is currently $49.99 & a monthly cost of $4.99.


´╗┐Well, if it tells you that you have a life time account then,
Congratulations! because they usually don't give away lifetime
accounts life that. as per them they would consider it an error &
would much rather want to 'fix this issue'! :D

you can join the whatsapp group for your country. do let me know
should you be interested in one.



On 12/24/20, Loy <> wrote:
I finally was able to log in with Apple, then this morning it is asking for

email and password to sign in. I enter my email Apple ID and password. It
tells me incorrect email or password Then it asked me if I wanted to create

an account, I went through the items and got a verification code and entered

it and now it seems to be working.
It also said something about that I would have a life time account. I only

paid for a year.
Loy Green
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That's very strange indeed. What is the exact error? I have heard this
error for the first time. Are yu from the US? if yes, i could try &
get you the Whatsapp join link for that particular country or your
country & probablly you could check it with them there because i have
never head of this error before.

On 12/23/20, Loy <> wrote:
I tried with Google account, email, apple an non worked.

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I just logged in with my iPhone. It was very easy. Can we get more info
how you are trying to log in?


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Request you to login with your Google account please?

On 12/23/20, Loy <> wrote:
Has anyone tried Envision AI app? I have downloaded it and can't get
the login screen. Doesn't accept any of the login options.

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