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Monte Single

That’s alright Pam,  I hope you have  some happy holidays anyway!


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I’ve never been successful with having stores match or beat a price.  All they say is “so go there and get it”.  Pam.


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Hi Juan,

Ok, I’m going to try and put my two cents in here too.  Thank you for letting me know you have and are happy with Lenovo, as hearing this from you as well as others on the list, gives me great relief.  I am far from a gamer, and I don’t plan on becoming one!  LOL! This Laptop Lenovo sounded good, and the price was right, matter of fact, it was the cheapest I could find at that time.  Actually I wanted to buy it at Best Buy which is a hop and skip away from me, so if something goes wrong with the Laptop, I can easily take it to Best Buy if it needed work done on it.  Best Buy had it on their site for $599, and Amazon had it on their site for $499, so I had a sited person go on Best Buy’s site, and ask them to do a price match, and they did, so I saved $100, and I think that is a good price especially for this Lenovo. 

Thank you again!


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Putting my two cents into this topic. I was a big dell computer guy but this year I decided to go with the Lenovo Legion i5 and I would not look back. This is a power house and for the price it was right. I would not recommend this computer to some one who needs it for portability cause this is a gaming computer but Lenovo’s productivity laptops are great as well. My Girlfriend has a Lenovo ultra book and it has lasted her for a long time. You really cannot go wrong with Lenovo right now.


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Janet, as I understand it, Lenovo is a Chinese division of



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Hi Everyone,

I just want to thank those who said they have a Lenovo, as I

never heard of them.  So, by the few people who did let me

know their experience with Lenovo, makes me feel more

comfortable, as this is the first time I even heard of

Lenovo Laptops.  This also gives me more confidence. 

Thank you again.




Peace Be With You.















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