Re: Admin. [TechTalk] the second episode of blind android users podcast is now uploaded and ready for listening.


I'm not sure Dennis understood your message. His response doesn't seem to correspond to your complaint.
Whatever the case, you could have gotten your point across in a civil manner. Instead, you engaged in a flame. I will not tollerate continued violations of the rules regardding civility and flaming.


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From: Nimer Jaber
Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2020 9:31 AM
Subject: Re: Admin. [TechTalk] the second episode of blind android users podcast is now uploaded and ready for listening.

I could say the same for what you are doing to your members, particularly on a list that is supposedly unmoderated. But I guess that is a response in and itself. So thank you for clarifying the stupid position of your list, dennis.

On Thu, Dec 24, 2020, 05:48 Dennis L <> wrote:

Thank you Gene. To remove anyone from lists you own because they didn’t respond or approve you to a list or remove you from a list they own shows how petty you are. There are podcasts and forums from differing view points on a wide variety of topics so there should be no reason that there can’t be differing opinions on android iOS and the like. You are also hurting your own members of those lists for which you own by removing members you don’t like as you don’t know what useful content those members may have to share with your members.

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Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2020 7:17 AM
Subject: Re: Admin. [TechTalk] the second eposod of blind android users podcast is now uploaded and ready for listening.

You have sent this message to a number of lists. I can only speak for this one. I will allow those criticized to respond. I will not allow this thread to continue beyond that. I shall attempt to explain the difference between this and other conduct that occurs on lists of this sort without objection by the owners and to which I do not object.

If someone has a problem with a service or company, a message discussing the matter may be allowed, generally as a part of a larger discussion. Generally, people do not open threads saying I was treated this or that way by this company. Usually, such responses are sent if a certain topic bears on it such as where to buy something. A member may say that they have had bad experiences with this or that vendor or brand as a part of such discussions. A member may send a message saying that this or that list isn't moderated and there is a lot of off topic traffic or that this or that list doesn't like messages from inexperienced users if someone has asked what lists are good for this or that subject. But allowing this sort of unsolicited discussion, a list member sending an angry flame such as the below message is not allowed. Allowing such messages might cause this list to turn into a consumer complaint kind of list and a shaming list and it violates the no flame rule. Sending a message saying I've been trying to join this or that list, will the owners please explain why I haven't been approved is allowed. Messages like this are not.

In future, will anyone who wants to post such criticisms ask using the llist owner's address or write to the moderator or me before posting. The message may not be acceptable as written. It might be modified to fit within the list rules and expectations.

Gene, owner

On 12/24/2020 2:32 AM, Nimer Jaber wrote:

As at least two hosts of the BAU podcast are incredibly rude, Warren Carr and Austin Pinto, and don't reach out or respond to feedback, I am posting it publicly in hopes of shaming them into a response. Also, in hopes of letting list members know of the kind of hosts they listen to and support, when they choose to listen to this podcast. I tried subscribing to their "unmoderated" list after I was removed for no cause, and provided no reason for why I was removed. Yet my subscription to their list hasn't been approved. I also provided feedback on their last podcast, but never got a response. So maybe a public response will work, maybe not.

I am reaching out, once again, to find out why you claim that the BAU list is unmoderated, and yet you have not approved my subscription to the list. I would also like to know when the website will be up, as it shows a landing page at the moment, so the intro to the podcast links to a site that isn't up. I am wondering if your team has any plans of improving audio quality. The quality of the podcast was distracting to listen to, with the wide variability in audio quality. Finally, I would like to know if you/your team have tried the GoodMaps app outdoors. For me, the intersection notifications don't work reliably. There are many features missing from Nearby Explorer, so I would have liked for the team to address those. For instance, I would have liked the team to ask about the GeoBeam feature, as this was really helpful in finding the door to a building.

If I still don't get a response after this public post, I will be removing all three hosts from any list that I own, including the NVDA community and the Blind Tech Guys podcast within five days.

Also, as to not clutter the list any further, please post your agreement or disagreement privately at I normally would not do this in a public manner, but I am tired of seeing this podcast's announcements knowing how they have treated at least two former members of their list.


On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 10:55 PM Austin Pinto <> wrote:

in this podcast, we discussed the good maps app which is currently
available on android and iPhone, this app is currently available in
USA and Canada, but will be rolled out to other parts of the world
the url to listen is.
we are also available on google podcasts, pocketcast , and others.
and from the BAU team, marry Christmas and happy holidays.



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