JAWS Navigation on Outlook 2016

Joe Orozco


I’m hoping someone can shed a little light on a problem I’ve been
experiencing with Outlook 2016. I’m using JAWS 2021, but even with
previous versions, I feel as though the emails do not display as
smoothly as they should. Sometimes I find myself checking email from
the Gmail web interface, because in my Outlook, for HTML images with
images and the like, JAWS does not navigate as seamlessly. Headers
don’t render properly. Text and links seem to run together. If I
navigate away with Alt Tab and then come back into the email window,
things like header navigation will work fine, but sometimes this sort
of coaxing does not work successfully. Is there an Outlook setting I
can tweak? Is there something in JAWS I should adjust? In general I
find Outlook quicker than using the web mail interface, but sometimes
I’m tempted to just switch over if the calendar weren’t more efficient
on Office.

Thanks in advance for any tips,


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