Re: New Lenovo IdeaPad Help Please.

Marten Post Uiterweer

Janet" ,

You can cturn on Narrator with ctrl-win-enter, but I am not sure with
wat screen the Lenovo will start.

You can try to start the laptop and after a while press this shortkey.

It can also be, that the laptop will ask to install windows and in this
case I am not sure if Narrator is working.

Regards, Marten

On Thu, 24 Dec 2020 22:59:39 +0000 "Janet" <> wrote:

Hi Everyone,
Well, I thought I wasn't going to receive my new Lenovo IdeaPad until Jan 06-2021, but I just received it, and I don't know what to do with it now! LOL! I do know it might take me sometime to learn the keys, as some of them are long and some of them are wide, and the keys are a little larger than what I am used to. The keys are also close to each other. Any suggestions how to get started with this, meaning I need some speech, or there isn't any point in me even turning it on! LOL! Someone mentioned to turn on Narrator, but I don't remember how to turn it on.


Peace Be With You.

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