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Oh, I feel old, ancient of days. Back in the day, and he is still living as far as I know, there was a physicist who is blind who taught for many, many years at the University of Oregon. John Gardner was and is a close colleague of Dr. Norman Coombs formally of Rochester and professor emeritus of RIT. Dr. Gardner began dipping his fingers into the technology pot long about the middle 90s. He designed a math program or two, and decided to go into business. His sons grew up and formed two companies, View Plus and IRIE-AT. They and their father wanted to make braille embossers affordable for ordinary blind users. They knew that whatever they designed, it had to be accessible to the blind user. If it hadn't been, I'm sure their dad would have had a good deal to say about it.

Thus was born the Tiger Suite software and the line of embossers by View Plus. You have no need of Braille Blaster you just install the Tiger suite and it becomes part of Word. You can emboss directly from Word without going to Duxbury or anything else. <throwing up one's hands in total exasperation> Yes, by God it's accessible! There isn't a finer line of embossers in the field! Go, get thee to View Plus and order your Braille Buddy! Have fun!

They're great folks. They donated one of their embossers to a school in India and it was my privilege to both learn how to use it, and escort the thing all the way to Bangalore!

Someday, when my ship comes in, I'm going to invest in one of their embossers. At the moment my needs are being met, but should the time come, View Plus is where I'd go.

Ann P.

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Is tiger software sweet the software used by the tiger braille embossers along with Microsoft word is it accessible with screen readers such as JAWS, or NVDA? I am considering saving money and getting the basic configuration of the braille buddy embosser. But first I would like to know if the tiger software suite is accessible or not. I would probably just be using it with braille blaster, perky duck, and perhaps Microsoft office once I buy the home version.

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