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Marie <>

Power the laptop up and wait a minute for the booth process to begin. Then press the ctrl Plus Windows key plus enter and soon Narrator will begin talking.
I am quite sure that Windows 10 is on the machine and if you take your time and listen to the prompts, you can get it set up. Many of us have done it before you.
I also believe that the Office suite is a thirty day trial unless you paid extra to have the package.
The important thing is not to let it intimidate you. LOL!

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HI Marten,
Thank you for this, but I don't even know if Windows 10 is already installed, although, I don't think so. The person who helped me online with this, said Windows is already installed. I don't know the Lenovo key on the keyboard in which I think I might need. I don't know the product key number either. LOL! I don't know if Narrator will walk me through all the steps or not though. I don't know if this was a good idea buying this Laptop either. Thank you anyway. I greatly appreciate it.

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Janet" ,

You can cturn on Narrator with ctrl-win-enter, but I am not sure with
wat screen the Lenovo will start.

You can try to start the laptop and after a while press this shortkey.

It can also be, that the laptop will ask to install windows and in this
case I am not sure if Narrator is working.

Regards, Marten

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Hi Everyone,
Well, I thought I wasn't going to receive my new Lenovo IdeaPad until Jan 06-2021, but I just received it, and I don't know what to do with it now! LOL! I do know it might take me sometime to learn the keys, as some of them are long and some of them are wide, and the keys are a little larger than what I am used to. The keys are also close to each other. Any suggestions how to get started with this, meaning I need some speech, or there isn't any point in me even turning it on! LOL! Someone mentioned to turn on Narrator, but I don't remember how to turn it on.


Peace Be With You.

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