Re: Well I Got A Keurig For A Christmas Present: What Next?

chris judge

Most of the ones I've used require you to press 2 buttons, one to turn it on and get things going, the other to actually brew the coffee.

Chris Judge

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You shouldn't have to press a sequence of buttons, just a certain one. But since I don't know what one you have, I can't tell you which one. Pam.

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Hi Group,

Sorry for the somewhat humorous subject line, but here's the deal. I got a Kuerig (fancy new-fangled in vogue coffee machine/maker/whatever) for Christmas. I have had a few sighted people try to instruct me as to its usage over the phone. Well I assembled the little staff or what you may call it into the area where the water is poured, put the pod in, put the water in the little compartment, pressed what I believe is the proper sequence of buttons to brew a large 16 ounce cup of coffee and 4 out of
5 times, nothing happens. Eventually, if I persist, I get a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

What could be going wrong? If anyone has this type of device, please advise the proper sequence of key presses or what other things a clind person might need to understand about the operation of this device.

Thanks in advance for help.

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