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I've also read good reviews about Lenovo's, but I don't know if all the Lenovo's keyboards are the same, as this one I have, it would be too difficult for me to type with. Some keys on this Laptop are small, some are large, so many different shapes. When I try to type with this keyboard, two of my fingers are on one key. So, it is like typing with two fingers instead of one finger on one key. LOL!

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What from what I know lenovos last pretty long. The t430 is one of the
best I have gotten a chance to use. Always wanted one myself.

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Hi All,
I think it really depends on what someone is willing to spend, the knowledge
so they know what to pick out, as some salesmen in the stores will try to
sell someone a expensive product, when in fact they might not need to spend
that much, but if they don't know what the salesmen is saying, they can get
ripped off. Not a good thing! Smile! I guess in short, we need to already
know what we want from a Pc as well as a Laptop before we go to the store,
or order online. Myself, I like to feel the keys on a keyboard before I buy
it, as that is important to me, but some others might not mind. That is
when a list like this comes in handy, so we can ask questions.


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There are objective differences in brands and models of chips. Whether and

to what extent they matter to the typical user, I don't know and I don't
have the technical knowledge to discuss but there are objective differences.

it isn't just a matter of taste.

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Hi Pam,

Computer brands, models, processors, speakers, it is mostly a matter of what

we are used to and what we can afford.

You know, I’m a chev guy,

I’m a Wrangler Woman,

I choose pepsi,

Coke rocks

And we won’t bother with the pizza or burgers.



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My first windows computer was a Gateway 2000 tower with an AMD processor
that I got back in 2000. I was told, even back then, that AMD processors
were better. Pam.

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Hi Josh,

I am not familiar with the current line of a m d processors, but they were

all I used till a few years ago.My impression is that a m d processors are

now a better choice, dollar for dollar, than an intel.

Of course some will disagree.

It sounds like a great machine unless you intend to do serious gaming and
video editing.

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speaking of LENOVO laptops, I am thinking of getting the following laptop. A

LENOVO, with 256 GB solid-state NVME Drive., and I'm sorry if I posted this

before I don't remember if I did, I amD RYZEN5 processor, eight gigs of RAM,

with this configuration of computer work good with JAWS?

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