USB round speaker


Hello all

Sometime ago, I baught a flat USB speaker, and it was about the sise and shape of a small transister radio.  The only way I could work it easilly, I found what we used to call an eighth inch jack where I could plug in a headphone, or in my case, a speaker wire that then went to my streem or my computer.  This year, my sister baught me a larger USB speaker.  This one is round and has a USB cord to plug in to the computer, but I can't seem to find the smaller round whole where I could plug in my other cord.  When I used the other cord, I didn't have to go through the headake of pairing.  Now it is common for people to use these speakers paired to their phone, but I just used it for better sound. 

Does anyone know how I might use this new speaker without pairing it, as I'm not very technicle that way?


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