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Kerryn Gunness <k_gunness@...>

some speakers dont come with that oxillary port
u can check for it on the speaker itself, if you dont find one, it means the device did not come with one
like regular USB  speakers for example JBL blutooth speakers dont come with those ports

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Subject: [TechTalk] USB round speaker

Hello all

Sometime ago, I baught a flat USB speaker, and it was about the sise and shape of a small transister radio.  The only way I could work it easilly, I found what we used to call an eighth inch jack where I could plug in a headphone, or in my case, a speaker wire that then went to my streem or my computer.  This year, my sister baught me a larger USB speaker.  This one is round and has a USB cord to plug in to the computer, but I can't seem to find the smaller round whole where I could plug in my other cord.  When I used the other cord, I didn't have to go through the headake of pairing.  Now it is common for people to use these speakers paired to their phone, but I just used it for better sound. 

Does anyone know how I might use this new speaker without pairing it, as I'm not very technicle that way?


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