Re: question about Apple e-gift cards


Troy, Don’t know if this will help you find the email, but it will narrow down the search for you. Your last email to the group in regards to the gift card was on 12/21/2020.


Hi all,

I sent an old iPhone back to apple a little before Thanksgiving this year and they sent me a gift card through e-mail. I redeemed the card and the money is in my apple account, but I want to contact about a purchase and I seem to have misplaced the e-mail. Will I need the e-mail when contacting so I can give them my pin number?

Thanks, I use thunderbird and gmail and I've looked through the archives folder and the important folder in thunderbird, the e-mail isn't in the archives folder and there's over 400 e-mails in my important folder and I can't remember exactly what the subject line was of the e-mail nor do I remember exactly who it came from. I've searched the trash folder in thunderbird using words that might've been in either the subject or in the address the card came from in case I moved it out of my inbox without meaning to, but so far that hasn't worked and I have over 4000 messages in the trash folder. Yes I know, I should empty that folder now and then and I used to but obviously not lately.


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