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chris judge

I use to have a power strip under my desk. Every once in a while none of my computer stuff would work, finally I discovered one of the little monsters was stepping on the switch. I guess he didn't like the rumble of the jaws voice.

Chris Judge

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I have a friend here, and with mouth and paws, Sadie, the black cat disconnected her power strip.

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Wow, four cats! Do your cats ever feel like they want to contribute to your writing? (smile) I remember getting an email from somebody that looked a little strange, and then she said she was sorry, but her cat decided she wanted to write some, too. One of my friend’s cats used to walk all over the phone when we were talking, and sometimes, disconnect us. Pam.

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Darn right, can’t git rid of the pets. That’s why, when choosing a new computer, along with the typical questions such as, what am I going to do with it, am I going to be editing a lot of video, or just surfing the internet, we need to consider our environment. I know, for instance, that I have four cats. I also know that I’m the kind of person who will have the odd coffee, glass of water, or can of beer while sitting at the computer. Putting a vulnerable laptop in that environment would be negligent.

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Oh yes,

We are slaves to our pets, especially cats and dogs.

They trip us up in all kind of ways. Sometimes, thet cost us thousands of dollars a year, but they sure hang in there.

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Sir Monte, for sure. If one spends as much time behind their keyboards as it appears most of us do, it is unrealistic to expect that one wouldn’t want to enjoy a beverage. I too practice safe habits around my computer most of the time. The incident I discussed in the earlier post was actually quite a little experience and totally careless of me. I was sitting on the sofa, it was around Christmas time. Kim wanted to use the desktop computer so I grabbed her laptop, which she hadn’t used in six months, and fired it up. Now this was way, way back in 2008. We’re talking a Soni Vio with 512 meg of ram running good old xp.

So while the computer was taking it’s customary 20 minutes to boot up, I, being that it was Christmas and all, decided that a hot chocolate, laced with a hearty dollop of some spirit, for the life of me I can’t recall what it was, but spirit all the same, was in order.

Now, beverage all prepared, I sat down and took this clunky, and I mean, clunky, Soni Vio on to my lap. I then proceeded to reach with my left hand, which is not my good one, lift the mug of lovely liquid to my lips, took a healthy gulp, then proceeded to bump my elbow on the cat who had snuggled up against me on my left without my notice. Needless to say I sloshed most of the contents all over the lovely vios keyboard. Jaws went wild and the thing shut down.

Kim wasn’t all that mad, well, at first she was a bit put out until I explained that, even though it was a $2000 laptop when it was purchased, several years, as well as technological advancements, helped it to depreciate in value almost as much as the cup of hot chocolate did.


Bought her a little netbook running windows 7 and she was just as happy as a little kid in a candy store.

So yes, always put beverages in a safe container while working around our tech toys. To do anything else would be negligent.

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Hi List,

I use my computer just about any time of day or night.

Space is not a problem so I have a good sized u-shaped workstation.

Quite often, I may be having a snack or a beverage while I use my pc.

Several years ago I started using those stainless types thermos containers like the one you get in a 2 pack at Costco. These are the ones with the twist off tops. They keepp hot things hot and cold things cold.

These containers are about 12-14 ozs. They have little push buttons on the side of the tops.

So when youwant a drink, you just tip the top of the container to your lips and press the side button; and drink your beverage of choice.

I mention these containers because they are spill proof and unbreakable.More than once, I have knocked one over, on my keyboard, on the floor, on the desk.

No worries, nothingspills, nothing breaks.

I am not encouraging people to have bad habits while using technology,

I’m just showing that you can have beverages, hot or cold, in your home/office space and not have to worry about spills.




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