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Yes they sell pretty well. My dell doesn't have on but most laptops I
keep I prefer to have the numpad. I have always had pretty good luck
with Asus. One of my favorite laptops was an Asus. Also please don't
over think the fact that computer with work great with IOS and
android. It will for sure be running windows 10. Take most things they
tell you in best buy with a grain of salt, Because they really don't
know as much as they should about the things they sell.

On 12/28/20, Janet <janet.harvard@...> wrote:
Hi Brian,
I seen at least four or five Laptops with NumPads, and what I call normal
keys. I was surprised though that Best Buy had so many Laptops with the
NumPad. I searched in the store maybe over a year ago, and I was told by a
salesmen they don't carry any Laptops with NumPads anymore. I had a friend
of mine just a few weeks ago to search on line, and she said Best Buy didn't
have any Laptops with NumPads, and I went there today, and sure enough, they
did have them, and I liked all of them, and I noticed with all the Laptops
with the NumPads, Best Buy was out of stock with all of them, so they must
sell fairly well.


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Hey there, Janet, Brian Zolo here in Gahanna, Ohio. Why not just buy an
external keyboard rather than getting a whole new laptop. At some point in
time you'll definitely need to consider either getting a subscription to
office 365 or get a physical version of Microsoft office. Office 365 is
subscription based but the advantage to subscriptions is that you'll always
be kept up to date. I've stayed with external keyboards and that's just a
personal choice because of the differences in the layout of laptop
keyboards. Most laptops that you buy will already have windows ten
installed. Then it's a matter of getting whatever screen reading software
you intend to use installed. Variety is the spice of life, grin1 bZ!

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You are so right. It really does all depend on what someone does, and often
they use it. So, you got a Lenovo for $250, great deal, and it still is
running! LOL! I can't stand the keyboard on this Lenovo I bought though.
I will take it back to Best Buy Monday, and hopefully get a better one with
a better keyboard for me to work with.

Thank you so much for all your help.

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How long a laptop or desktop lasts depends on many factors. Some of the
factors are; The quality of the components of the machine, How and where the
machine is used, How many hours a day or week the machine is used.
... and others I do not think of right now.

I gave my sister an inexpensive Lenovo laptop in July of 2016. She
probably uses it a bit each day but I know she does not spend hours and
hours, on facebook, pinterest, and games.
So she has been using that cheap Lenovo laptop for 4 and a half years. It
does all the thing she wants to do. It may die tomorrow. It may last
andother 4 years. It keeps instaloling the windows updates.
It cost 250 U S dollars on sale.
If it dies tomorrow, so be it.
I figure it was a good investment.
For some other people, that laptop would have been inadequate.
Getting a machine that suits your needs and your budget is the best you can
If money is not an issue, then you have a lot more choices.

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Hi Gene and All,
I've been doing quite a bit of research on the Lenovo IdeaPad in which I
recently bought. I don't particularly like the keyboard, as the keys are to
flat and to large, and different shapes, and when I press a key, the key
goes down into the keyboard. I also read quite a bit about how long the
Lenovo Laptops last, and according to what I have been reading, they only
will last two years. LOL! I paid $499, so I would like it to last a little
longer, but with this particular Laptop, according to the reviews I've
read, this isn't going to last long. I also read this Lenovo does overheat
quite often, not sure if it is because of the Intel Processor or what. I am
going to take it back to Best Buy Monday, and try to get one without the num
pad, as I know Best Buy don't have Laptops with the Num Pad in their
Thank you all so much for all your help, as it is greatly appreciated.


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To clarify, I'm saying that I don't have the technical knowledge to discuss
the chip speed and cache that would be the best buy for the money for a
typical user. If you get too underpowered or undercached a chip, you likely
won't be satisfied. I'm also saying that differences in brands, which chips
offer faster performance and more cache, for example for the price, and
which operate more cooly, if that matters, are things I don't have the
knowledge to discuss along with the best specifications per brand.

It is my impression that this or that brand may have a slower chip speed,
but that other technical differences may provide faster performance than a
different brand with the same chip speed.. And how much such differences
matter for the typical user in terms of performance per price is something I
don't know.

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There are objective differences in brands and models of chips. Whether and
to what extent they matter to the typical user, I don't know and I don't
have the technical knowledge to discuss but there are objective
it isn't just a matter of taste.

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Hi Pam,

Computer brands, models, processors, speakers, it is mostly a matter of what
we are used to and what we can afford.

You know, I’m a chev guy,

I’m a Wrangler Woman,

I choose pepsi,

Coke rocks

And we won’t bother with the pizza or burgers.



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My first windows computer was a Gateway 2000 tower with an AMD processor
that I got back in 2000. I was told, even back then, that AMD processors
were better. Pam.

From: Monte Single

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Hi Josh,

I am not familiar with the current line of a m d processors, but they were
all I used till a few years ago.My impression is that a m d processors are
now a better choice, dollar for dollar, than an intel.

Of course some will disagree.

It sounds like a great machine unless you intend to do serious gaming and
video editing.

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speaking of LENOVO laptops, I am thinking of getting the following laptop. A
LENOVO, with 256 GB solid-state NVME Drive., and I'm sorry if I posted this
before I don't remember if I did, I amD RYZEN5 processor, eight gigs of RAM,
with this configuration of computer work good with JAWS?

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