Re: How do you reduce bit rate in mp3 file?


You can do this but how long are they? For example, five files that are 80mb each, if you reduce them all to 64KBPS will save you about 20mb per file. You will save about 100MB. That isn't a lot of space. You may save quite a bit of space if they are truly long files or if they are shorter files and there are a lot but from looking around at some of my files, it appears to me that a 128KBPS file that is an hour long takes roughly 40mb. If you reduce it to 64KBPS, it will be somewhere around 20MB. Even if you have ten such files, you will only save 200MB and that isn't much space. Many times, that kind of question means its time to get another drive.
You can use the program Switch to do this but it may not be worth the trouble.


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I have several mp3 files that should be just about the same file but the
bit rate makes one file a good deal larger than the other.

Is there software that is no or low cost that would let me take a 128
bit mp3 file and change it to the same file but 64bit?

This would mainly involve spoken word files. I am hoping to increase
open space on my external hard drive.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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