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chris judge


If you were looking for help setting up a device for the first time, do you think the level of assistance you just offered her is sufficient?
Telling her that it is easy, and to turn on voice over and follow the prompts is really no help at all.

Mary, have you any experience with a touch screen device? There are several steps to setting up an iPhone. I haven't set one up using ITunes in years but I'm guessing it can still be done.

Do you know what model of phone you are getting? The process for turning on voice over is different depending on the phone. If you are planning to get the SE, or one of the older phones, a triple press of the home button, which is that round button at the bottom of the screen, will turn on voice over. If you are getting the x series, or the 11 or 12 line you will need to triple press the side button on the right of the phone. Once voice over is running you can go ahead and follow the prompts to set it up. There are a number of steps. You will need to create an apple id if you haven't already done so. You will have to do text entry using the touch screen, so if you have not done this before, it might be simpler to use Itunes for initial set-up.
I'll be glad to help you in any way I can. Also, there are lots of free resources available to help one become familiar with the iPhone.
I will email you off list and send you some links to get you started if you wish.

Good luck with the phone.

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It is easy;

Do it all on the device you start voice over, and then follow the prompts.

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Hello listers, I have finally decided to get an iPhone and I have a question about setting up a new device. This is my first ios device so I want to make setup as easy as possible. Does anyone know if I can use iTunes to set up my device for the first time?



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