Re: thinkin, and drinkin and typin'

Allen West

Well I don't own any cats just a dog, I will share my spill proof story.
I was cleaning up one day and set a roll of packing tape next to my
computer and forgot about it. One evening, I had to have a beer. I set
it carefully on the desk, promising myself that I would not spill this
beer. When I went to take a drink, the bottle bumped something. Then I
realized that I set the bottle in the center of the roll of tape. I
thought what a nice coaster to have at my computer desk. It certainly
does reduce the chances of spilling an open bottle. The tape is still
sitting next to me as I right. Unfortunately, I am currently out of


On 12/28/20, Monte Single <> wrote:
Hi List,

I use my computer just about any time of day or night.

Space is not a problem so I have a good sized u-shaped workstation.

Quite often, I may be having a snack or a beverage while I use my pc.

Several years ago I started using those stainless types thermos containers
like the one you get in a 2 pack at Costco. These are the ones with the
twist off tops. They keepp hot things hot and cold things cold.

These containers are about 12-14 ozs. They have little push buttons on
side of the tops.

So when youwant a drink, you just tip the top of the container to your lips
and press the side button; and drink your beverage of choice.

I mention these containers because they are spill proof and
than once, I have knocked one over, on my keyboard, on the floor, on the

No worries, nothingspills, nothing breaks.

I am not encouraging people to have bad habits while using technology,

I'm just showing that you can have beverages, hot or cold, in your
home/office space and not have to worry about spills.



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