the 3rd episode of blind android users podcast is ready for you to listen.


hi all.
the 3rd show of blind android users is now live.
you can listen to it at.
if you use Breaker you can subscribe by going to.
if you use google podcast you could subscribe by visiting.
if you use Pocket Casts
if you are on RadioPublic
if you use Spotify to listen to podcast you can subscribe at.
if you want our rss feed then click on.
in this podcast warren demos an app of the week.
we have a section on how Jacob_kruger got started on android.
if you want to submit your journey into android you can email.
you can come live on the podcast or send us a recording of your journey.
what you struggled with if you had to go back to ios why did you go
and all you can submit.
if you have any questions you could send it to the same email address,
we don't read emails on our show but we will collect all the questions
and answer them 1 by 1.
then the next section is for people who want to come to android from
ios or if any1 uses symbian device and wants to get a new android
phone, we show you how to set it up.
we would like to wish all our listeners happy and prosperous new year 2021

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