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Gerald Levy

Well, Ann, if you have tried nine ways to Sunday to enter the amount you want to send but have had no success with any browser or screen reader, then I'm afraid you are out of luck because PayPal currently has no telephone or email customer support, so there is no way to report the problem or get help.  This is unconscionable for a company of this size.  There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why they can't have customer support agents work from home like other major companies.  You could even make the case that by not providing support for blind customers, they are violating the ADA.  I have also been having problems myself with PayPal.  I have been trying unsuccessfully for three months to update the expiration date for my credit card, but every time I try, I get the message, sorry, we are not able to process your request right now, try again later. And this is with JAWS, NVDA, Chrome, Firefox and IE.   So what can I do?  I'm screwed just like you. If you want to get ambitious, maybe you could get the ACB to file a complaint against them with our consumer-friendly Attorney General, Tish James.  


On 12/31/2020 11:46 AM, Ann Parsons wrote:

I have tried all browsers and all screen readers.  So now what?

Ann P.

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