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Did you try different ways of activating the button? While the problem may be something else, it may be as simple as that the button is not encoded properly to be activated from the keyboard. I know links can be encoded in that way, requiring a mouse. I wouldn't be surprised if buttons can be as well. It is very important for people to describe what they have done and just what problem is being encountered. I didn't even think of that as a possibility until you presented the detailed information.

Its too late to try it now, but next time if the problem happens again, try using whatever you use, the JAWS cursor, I think, to activate the button and see what happens. I'm not optimistic, but you never know and many times, there are controls I must use the simulated mouse on on this or that wweb page.


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Hi all,

Holly, I explained carefully and fully that I had "tried all browsers
and all screen readers". I have been urging people to use FF or
Explorer for the past two weeks. So don't give me back my words.

I do have additional info. What I was trying to do was pay a friend
for some computer work he had done for me. I put his email in the edit
box and in some browsers I would get a button with his name and so on
and I would press the spacebar or enter, and nothing would happen. I
would try to activate the 'next' button and nothing happened.

Then, my friend sent me a request for money. This I received in email,
and it had a link. I activated the link and boom! I was good to go.
I paid him for fixing this computer and all is well.

I only had trouble when initiating my purchase myself. I don't know
what's with Paypal, but somebody needs to tell them that all their ads
and all their links and all their fall-dee-roll is *not* appreciated.
We want a simple interface with controls that work, thank you!

Ann P.

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Many people have been having problems with PayPal using a chromium based
browser. Try using Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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