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More discussion is needed on this question.

Not quite. Some dialogs don't have ok buttons and actions take immediate effect. Tabbing through a dialog won't cause any problems as you say, but it needs to be pointed out that if you change settings it may. Firefox is an example of a program where the options dialog has no ok button and changes take immediate effect. Probably Thunderbird is as well.

While a lot of dialogs have ok and cancel buttons, it appears to me that more may not than in the past. So tabbing around is fine. Changing settings is something you should be careful about until you have found out if the dialog has an ok and a cancel button.

And if you are looking around in a dialog. never use ok to close it if you don't intend to change any settings. Even if you are sure you haven't changed anything, use cancel or escape if escape works in the dialog. Most of the time, it does and is the same as cancel.


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Hi all,

I think sometimes people tend to forget that you can't damage anything
in Windows dialogs unless you press an OK button, so therefore, tabbing
through a dialog does not harm anything at all.

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