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Ron Canazzi

If something is running from the system tray, its icon appears only there.  It does not appear in the normal tab order. That means that if you press the alt + Tab key stroke repeatedly to move form open program to open program, JAWS will not appear. To access JAWS when running from the system tray, press insert + J and you will launch the context menu from which the use of the up/down arrow keys and/or first letter navigation will bring up various items within the menu structure into view for access and/or activation.

On 1/1/2021 4:53 AM, Shelly Kane wrote:

Thank you so much.  I don't think Jaws is running from the system tray whatever that means.  It asked me if I wanted it to.  What would happen if I let it do whatever in the system tray?  I hit the insert J key and Jaws opened but I had to actually hit control O for options because it wasn't running from the system tray which I didn't know.  Once I got to where it said basic setting, I went over to automatically start Jaws and then I clicked on that.  It asked me if I wanted it to start when I first logged on and I said yes.  So the problem was when I deleted my other versions of Jaws, somehow that setting got unchecked.  I think it should be fine now.  If not, I will let you know.  Thanks again.


On 12/31/2020 1:13 PM, Chris judge wrote:
Hi Shelly.
The option you want is under basic settings. Press insert J to move to the jaws window. If your jaws is set to run from the system tray, pressing insert J will open the menu and land you on the options sub menu, Press right arrow to expand the options menu. You will hear, basics. Press enter. Tab over to automatically start jaws. Press enter. You will find check boxes for start jaws at the log on screen, as well as whether you want jaws to run for all users, or just you. Check the boxes you want, then tab to the ok button. Tab again to ok and press enter. This should do it.

Chris Judge

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I don't think we changed anything.  Maybe we hit something accidentally when we deleted them.  When I downloaded 2021, I checked the box to have Jaws start up when I turn on the computer.  If you can tell me where to check that, I would appreciate it.  Maybe it got unchecked somehow.


On 12/31/2020 12:26 PM, Madison Martin wrote:
Hi Shelley,
Did you happen to change any settings when uninstalling the other 2 versions of Jaws? If so, then let me know and I'll try and help you.

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           Hi Group:

I deleted Jaws 2019 and 2020 because I now have Jaws 2021 and I didn't
need the other ones.  Since I have taken the other versions off my
computer, now when I turn on the computer to sign in using my pin,
2021 no longer says anything like it used to.  It would always tell me to sign in and now it's not.  Do you know how I can get this to talk again when I first turn on the computer? When I downloaded it a few months ago, I checked everything so it would turn on right away and it did.  I'm not sure if we hit something taking off the other programs and now it's not turning on.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Simple Instructions would be most helpful.  I'm not tech savvy.  When I type in my pin, Jaws does come up but I need it right when I turn on the computer like it was.


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