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enes sarıbaş

Lol I love my computers. I never ever drink or eat near a computer.

On 12/28/2020 12:51 PM, chris judge wrote:
yes Gene, that's true, however I'm sure many of us have done it, I'm guessing even you at some point in their lives. I was simply stating a drawback of the laptop as one unit, no need to dole out the God complex. I'm sure we all feel stupid when it happens without getting that extra little boost.

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I consider the consideration about spilling things to be inapplicable. I'm not saying this to give any one person a hard time, but there are just certain things you don't do and one of them is eat or drink around a computer. In my opinion, that's just negligent behavior.

As far as laptop versus desktop is concerned, I don't know how much the ssmall desktops weigh so I can't comment on that. I will say that I used to use desktops and purchase them. But I want the option to use a computer portably and conveniently in different rooms. It may still be that laptops don't last as long in general as desktops, but I'll pay to replace a laptop more often because I consider it perhaps even more expensive to have a laptop that I would seldom use outside of my home and a separate desktop that I would use most of the time at home.

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From: chris judge
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I have a couple of lap tops but I only have them because I require portability sometimes. If I was planning to use my computer at home all the time, in one place, I would never choose a lap top over a desk top computer.
Consider the following.

One can now buy desktop computers that are both tiny and powerful. You can get computers that are All-in-one, which means all the goodies, except for the keyboard are built in to the unit, similar to the way apple does it with the iMac..
If you are using your laptop with it's built-in keyboard and you spill something such as a coffee or any other liquid in to it, you risk ruining the entire device. If you do this to an external keyboard, you just say "oh rats" toss the keyboard out and plug another one in.
I spilled an entire cup of hot chocolate in to my X Wifes laptop many years ago, and although it wasn't the cause of our eventual divorce, it sure earned me a trip to the dog house. 😀

Chris Judge

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I would not get a laptop, if I had to use another keyboard, don't have one for my iPhone, wouldn't have one for it. That just makes for too clumsy maneuvering in my opinion.

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May I ask you why you say you don't like Laptop keyboards? I've never used a Laptop before, and I don't know very much about them, so if you would please shed some light on the factors of Laptop keyboards, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

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Sent: Saturday, December 26, 2020 9:19 PM
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I hate laptop keyboards so I always buy an external one
On Dec 26, 2020, at 10:13 PM, Janet <> wrote:

Hi Marie,
Don't let it intimidate me, laughing, so you made my day! I was
pretty close to letting it intimidate me! Laughing! I can't stand
the keyboard though, so I haven't even turned it on. As far as the
MS, I think that was a 6 month trial though, but I don't want MS, but
I'm just not for sure if I will need MS or not, but I'll see. I will
see what I can find at Best Buy Monday when I take back the Laptop I just bought.
Thank you so much!

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Power the laptop up and wait a minute for the booth process to begin.
Then press the ctrl Plus Windows key plus enter and soon Narrator will
begin talking.
I am quite sure that Windows 10 is on the machine and if you take your
time and listen to the prompts, you can get it set up. Many of us have
done it before you.
I also believe that the Office suite is a thirty day trial unless you
paid extra to have the package.
The important thing is not to let it intimidate you. LOL!

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From: Janet
Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2020 6:10 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] New Lenovo IdeaPad Help Please.

HI Marten,
Thank you for this, but I don't even know if Windows 10 is already
installed, although, I don't think so. The person who helped me
online with this, said Windows is already installed. I don't know the
Lenovo key on the keyboard in which I think I might need. I don't
know the product key number either. LOL! I don't know if Narrator
will walk me through all the steps or not though. I don't know if
this was a good idea buying this Laptop either. Thank you anyway. I
greatly appreciate it.

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Janet" ,

You can cturn on Narrator with ctrl-win-enter, but I am not sure with
wat screen the Lenovo will start.

You can try to start the laptop and after a while press this shortkey.

It can also be, that the laptop will ask to install windows and in
this case I am not sure if Narrator is working.

Regards, Marten

On Thu, 24 Dec 2020 22:59:39 +0000 "Janet"

Hi Everyone,
Well, I thought I wasn't going to receive my new Lenovo IdeaPad until
Jan 06-2021, but I just received it, and I don't know what to do with
it now!
LOL! I do know it might take me sometime to learn the keys, as some
of them are long and some of them are wide, and the keys are a little
larger than what I am used to. The keys are also close to each
other. Any suggestions how to get started with this, meaning I need
some speech, or there isn't any point in me even turning it on! LOL!
Someone mentioned to turn on Narrator, but I don't remember how to
turn it on.


Peace Be With You.

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