Re: I'm not sure if I have a lemon or just a trouble making computer

George McCoy

Very good point.

On 1/2/2021 9:06 AM, Gene wrote:
Also, it may be that computers that have you select if you are using headphones or speakers when you plug different things in, allow you to have different volume levels for speakers and headphones. So, when you plug your headphones in, the volume is set correctly for listening with headphones and when you plug speakers in, the correct volume is used for speakers.  this would mean you could set levels when you plug an item in and not worry about them in future.  When you plug in speakers, the level for speakers would be used, and the level for headphones would automatically be used when you plug in headphones.

It is possible the speaker levels somehow became set to 0 or near 0 while the headphone levels remain as desired.

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The message is unclear.  What do you mean by the speaker control? Is that
the same as the speaker port?  If you are saying that if you plug headphones
into the same jack as speakers and no sound is heard from the speakers but
sound is heard from the headphones, I'm not at all sure why.

Buying an external sound card may solve the problem.  But, and this may have
no relevance, it is my impression that some computers sense when you plug
something into jacks and a message appears on screen where you specify
whether you are plugging in headphones or speakers.  Those who have
computers that do this, I hope, will discuss the matter further and whether
there is anything in sound card settings that controls this behavior.  For
example, in computers that do this, can you mute the speakers but when
headphones are plugged in, they remain unmuted?    Having a sighted person
look at sound card settings, one who knows enough to understand what he or
she is looking at, might solve the problem.  Also, I doubt an external sound
card would present such problems and you may wish to try that if good
sighted help is hard to find.  The only thing I've noticed with my very
brief trial of using external sound cards for screen-reader speech, is that
I may, with certain sound cards get annoying artifacts in speech. I don't
recall what they were now, perhaps clicks or pops at times.  I therefore,
use my internal soundcard for speech and if I  want to use an external sound
card, I use it for other audio.

Those who use external sound cards for computer speech may want to address
the artifacts question and discuss if this is a general or uncommon problem.
In my experience, the problem isn't bad, but I find it annoying and I want
to avoid it.  I should also add, and this may be important, that I always
use headphones so the speech artifacts problem may be more noticeable with
headphones and may make little or very little difference if using a speaker.

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making computer

The cheapest solution could be to buy an inexpensive usb sound card. I got a
couple for less than 10 u s dollars on amazon.

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Subject: [TechTalk] I'm not sure if I have a lemon or just a trouble making

I got this computer in 2020, Its a brand new computer running win ten and
jaws 2020.  Shortly after I got it, the speaker port on the back stopped
working, so I plugged my speakers in the front and that was ok for a while.
Now neither port works, and as strange as it may sound, I have a headset
plugged in to the speaker control, and they work very well.  I know the
problem isn't with the speakers, as I can unplug them from the computer and
plug them in to anything else and they will work just fine.  My suspitions
are that the soundcard is wonky.  I'll be talking to my tech hopefully next
week, and he can figure things out.  It sure has me baffled.


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